You are on the right page to receive automatic narration through the app. Please proceed to the Queuing Area. Your experience will begin automatically once you have left the Queueing Area and entered the Display Route. Thank you for your patience.

While Waiting in the Queueing Area...

1) Tune your car radio to 90.9 FM and enjoy the pre-show. 

Please note, you will only use your radio in the Queuing Area.

2) Go to the settings on your smartphone and check that bluetooth is on.

3) Ensure that your smartphone volume is turned up.

OPTIONAL: Connect your smartphone to your car stereo.

Before Entering the Display Route...

1) Turn off your FM radio or switch to your smartphone input. Story and narration from here forward will only be through this app.

2) Be sure that this screen remains open and active before exiting the Queuing Area.

3) Once you are on the Display Route, this app will automatically trigger and advance the story narration at each scene. Scene numbers are clearly marked along the route.

4) Turn your headlights off, but keep your parking lights on.

5) Drive slowly, at a consistent walking pace, or you will miss out on important story and narration.

6) Please don’t stop, pass others or exit along the route.


If you are experiencing difficulties with automatic playback, you can manually start the story narration by pressing the “Scenes” button at the bottom of the app and then select the appropriate scene. Scene numbers are clearly marked along the route. If you require further assistance please ask one of our Event Hosts in the queue line.